Divine Feminine Healing and Awakening IDEAS


We all hold within us both feminine and masculine energies, and when they are in balance and when we, as women, operate from our healthy Divine Feminine, we become extremely powerful. But often they are unbalanced and misaligned, with women either being dominated by their masculine energies where they have lost touch with their inner knowing and softer side, or where they operate from the “unhealthy” feminine; co-dependent, vulnerable to abuse, lacking boundaries, low on self-worth and unaware of the power available to us through our sexuality.
We fall into these categories because we have become detached from what comes innately to us as women.
Females were once revered as goddesses, but centuries of patriarchal culture has left us feeling lesser than. 
In this masterclass, i'll be teaching you all about how to cultivate the Divine Feminine energy within, through a range of teachings and interactive exercises that encompass both spirituality and psychology, enabling you to reach a place of self-acceptance, healing, authenticity, and the ability to understand your sexuality and harness your sexual power in a way you never imagined.

What you will learn:


  • What is Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine?
  • How to connect back to your healthy Divine Feminine and why it’s important
  • Goddesses
  • How to start tuning back in with your intuition
  • How to step into your authenticity
  • Why you don’t embody self-love and how to do it
  • Why women are innately more sexual than men
  • How to understand your personal sexuality and harness your sexual power
  • Why you become powerful in your work, your personal life and your sexuality when you have activated your Divine Feminine
  • How to use your sexuality to manifest the life you want



Date: Thursday 2nd Dec

Time: 8pm

Location: Online

Price: £50

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Emma Sayles founded Killing Kittens in 2005 in response to demand from young, independent, single women who wanted an adult party that reflected their modern values. They created the most decadent, extravagant and exclusive parties in the industry, where, for the first time, women were in control of the narrative and events.

Since then, KK has grown into a global phenomenon that welcomes all genders and sexualities to come and play without losing this focus on empowering the traditionally disenfranchised to find love in their bodies, access pleasure and nourish their sex lives. At KK, Kittens come first.

Through Killing Kittens people have found the confidence to explore and honour their true sexual selves, whether at their live events, as part of their flourishing social network or through their online education programmes.

They are determined to level the playing field when it comes to sex, sexual play and dating, and as someone whose purpose is to empower women back into their own purpose and power, Killing Kittens is the perfect collaboration partner for me!

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