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Dreamstate™ Meditation is my signature term for alchemical hypnosis, and I created and curated this series of meditations very consciously, following years of work in mindset and transformation coaching and spiritual work, developing the understanding that before we can create lasting change in any aspect of our lives, and before we can start manifesting into our lives all that we desire, we have to first go back and unearth old, ingrained blocks that live in our subconscious due to conditioning and therefore prevent us from moving forward.


Once we have reprogrammed those beliefs through this work, we begin to vibrate at a frequency that is in alignment with all we are calling in. Whether you’re calling in partnership, career goals, financial abundance, health or any other life goal, transforming limiting beliefs is the first step in this process.

This Meditation bundle includes 8 Guided Meditations:

Inner Child

Shadow Healing

Limiting Beliefs

Ancestral Healing

Meet Your Spirit Guide

White Light

Stress & Anxiety


You can do these meditations sitting or lying down, or you can even do them walking in nature, you will still be entering the theta brainwave state that will enable the transformation. The important thing is that you won’t be interrupted.



The meditations will be best experienced with headphones.



You should not listen to these mediations when you are driving as you will be entering a hypnotic state.

The first 4 meditations (Inner Child, Shadow, Limiting Beliefs and Ancestral Healing) enable reprogramming and I recommend doing them each a few times.

You can do them as many times as you want and whenever you want and journaling about what came up afterwards (all journal prompts are on the videos).

The following 4 (Meet Your Spirit Guide, White Light Healing, Stress & Anxiety and Insomnia) are the kind that require less work and can be done simply to help you relax and deepen your spiritual connection.